Lisa Giamarino was born and raised in New York by her latin-american family, and attended the Pennsylvania State University. Her fluency in Spanish, diverse cultural background, and extensive world travels give her an edge when working in Naples where there is a vast global environment.

She was the owner of a successful Pilates and sports medicine business in New York for 12 years, but her love for real estate has always followed her. Lisa developed many strong business, organizational, and interpersonal skills in developing her niche in New York. Her experience in marketing, public relations, client procurement, use of social media, and community activism, is invaluable to her work in real estate.

Lisa decided to move with her family from New York to Florida in early 2013.   Her experience in real estate is considerable. She has been a homeowner, landlord and renter. She has built homes from the foundation up, and completely gut renovated a beautiful one hundred year old four-story brownstone in the most desirable neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

Her impeccable eye for the potential of what a home could be helps her help her clients in finding a diamond in the rough.

Most recently, Lisa was awarded the prestigious certification of Resort and Second Home Property Specialist making her amply qualified to help people who are specifically interested in owning a piece of paradise as a second home or investment property.

She has been on every side of a real estate transaction possible and looks forward to helping people find a place to call home.